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Digital Transformation


We advise clients within their digital journey for more than 30 years. Our consulting foundation is built on live-long learning, executing projects with excellence to the finish line, and connecting people and companies for a purpose. When you work with us, you can expect a collaboration with transparency, consistency, and efficiency.

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Digital Transformation | Data Management | IT Strategy

Data Processing
Team work

ERP Transformation

Expert Guidance and Execution

Comprehensive Data Management

The Path to Success

IT Strategy Consulting

Proven Methodologies and 

Cross-Industry Experiences


Define your unique digital strategy using tools like the "Strategic Compass" and the "Tactical Escalator". A. Graesser published both tools within the book "The Transformers," published in June 2020.

A. Graesser advised more than 500 customers on data strategies and transformation as the foundation for any digital journeys. 

Decision-making without data insight and visibility is not possible in a world of "online" and "web shops 

A. Graesser's "Digital Readiness Assessment" covers all business areas and evaluates your needs for digital strategies in a matter of minutes. The assessment and its evaluation provides priceless value to your company.


Wayne, PA 19087 (USA)

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