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Any engine demands periodical oil changes to run smoothly and efficiently, no questions asked about it. Looking at the data, the decision for change is straightforward: Indicators like mileage or runtime justify the pit stop. ...

July 16, 2021

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The dilemma of sustainability and data centers dominates the IT leaders’ thinking, one way or another. Shall they go green to ‘save the planet’ or shall they go big to secure profits? Before I dive into the topic, let’s first see what sustainability means in general. ...

July 1, 2021


In former years, companies (maybe yours, too) spent truckloads of money and large chunks of time implementing ERP systems, only to become ‘locked in’ to a software vendor eventually. With the arrival of S/4HANA…

June 15, 2021

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Digital Transformation

Strategy and Tactics

Strategy and Tactics are twins like Yin and Yan. 


Define your unique strategy using the Strategic Compass and the Tactical Escalator to create your execution plans. 

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